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Can't see any new tables in dataflows

Hi Support 


As of yesterday 2019 Nov 19th, I can not see any newly created tables in existing or new dataflows.

It seems that the dataflow saves and refreshes in the service ok, however, when trying to access them from Desktop's Query Editor (= PowerBI.Dataflows() ) it's just not showing any of the new tables.


Please, can this be looked into?

Many Thanks


Status: Accepted

I am having the same issue. About 8 of my 10 tables in a data flow just disappeared.  They show in the data flow, but when I connect to a power BI report, they are not there (only two of them).

It just started happening yesterday.


Hi all, 


The same issue has been reported internally: CRI 159107800. ETA for fix is end of week.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Status changed to: Accepted