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Can't scroll tooltip over map visual

Hi, everyone,


I've been having some trouble when trying to adapt the use of tooltip pages on the map visualization.



















The problem is, whenever I try to hover the cursor over the tooltip to scroll down, the tooltip itself disappears.


The avaliable data on the tooltip depends on the quantity of data that share the same position. Provided I have some places with only one row and places with multiple rows, I want to be able to use that scroll to see all info I may display.


Thanks in advance!

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hi   @Aecio 

To my my knowledge, users currently cannot interact with objects on report page tooltips (scrolling, visuals like slicers, etc.).

Best to resize the tooltip page height or re-think the visual (e.g. "Top 5" in bar chart only) to avoid the scrollbar if possible.


and here is the idea, you could vote up it.




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Resizing the tooltip worked on some levels, but since we have a lot of rows displayed at some locations, and all of them must be displayed, it's not a viable solution.


Thanks for the reply, just voted the idea. Now I see people have been struggling with it too.


Best regards,