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Can't scroll to bottom of published app landing page in Power BI Service


I have encountered a relatively minor but annoying graphical bug in the Power BI service. In a published app I have 1 dashboard, 15 reports and ~15 datasets, but when I click the app within Power BI service the last item I can see on the landing page is the 14th report. It looks a bit like the frame isn't sizing as expected, with the behaviour changing if I expand/collapse the dashboards/reports/datasets headers.

This issue occurs in both Chrome and Firefox. If I zoom out to 50% I am able to see all of the items.

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Hi all,


I have reported this issue internally. And see below information from PG team: 


The fix will be released at the end of next Wednesday. 


For now, the workaround is to change the browser's zoom level. Once the page is zoomed to a certain percentage (e.g. 70%), the missing reports will show up.  


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Thanks @v-qiuyu-msft This will be very helpful!