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Can't scroll to bottom of published app landing page in Power BI Service


I have encountered a relatively minor but annoying graphical bug in the Power BI service. In a published app I have 1 dashboard, 15 reports and ~15 datasets, but when I click the app within Power BI service the last item I can see on the landing page is the 14th report. It looks a bit like the frame isn't sizing as expected, with the behaviour changing if I expand/collapse the dashboards/reports/datasets headers.

This issue occurs in both Chrome and Firefox. If I zoom out to 50% I am able to see all of the items.

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Having the same Issue here. Seems like an issue that just popped up. Please help this is an actual issue and not just a bug for us. Users can't find there reports!

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@MikeThibs@MikeThibs Based on my test, when we enter the installed app, we can drag the scroll bar vertically until we can't drag any more, then we can see all reports. See: 



Please try the same step in your scenario to see if the issue persists. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Thanks for the response @Vicky_Song and @v-qiuyu-msft however using the scrolling bar does not resolve the issue. The only way the reports are showing up is if you actually manually zoom out within the browser. Below is a picture showing the reports when I scroll all the way down and the secon picture is when I zoom out within the browser. Notice one report and the "Datasets" Section is missing from the first picture.

App when scrolled all the way to the bottomApp when scrolled all the way to the bottomApp When I zoom out within the browserApp When I zoom out within the browser

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft

The scrollbar is at the bottom and not everything is showing. Notice on your own youtube demo posted above that while you can see all of the reports you don't see datasets. I suggest you try to zoom out on the browser on that demo app and see if the datasets appear?





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I just encountered this same issue. For my screen size, at 100% zoom in my (maximized) browser, the magic number was 11. I had an app with 10 reports; then I published an 11th one, which would appear at the bottom of the list, alphabetically. I went into the app, scrolled to the bottom, and I couldn't see the 11th report!


It is this same scrolling issue. If I resize the browser window to make the whole window smaller, then magically, scrolling to the bottom "works", and the 11th report appears at the bottom. Or, if I zoom in with the browser, then again, scrolling down to the bottom "works." Or, if I zoom out enough with the browser, then the 11th report appears at the bottom without having to scroll.


This happens with both Chrome and Edge.

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 Here is a video. Notice how the report named "23. Growth & Attrition" does not appear; then appears; then disappears, etc.



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@v-qiuyu-msft & @Vicky_Song, Any update on this? This is a production issue we need resolved. Not all users are savy enough to figure out how to zoom out within a browser and it's hurting their experience. Thank you.

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We are also experiencing this issue, it will also not be acceptable for our users to have to zoom.

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@v-qiuyu-msft & @Vicky_Song, Can we get an update on this please? This is causing a lot of issues in our Production Environment.