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Can't refresh data On power BI Service with Excel on sharepoint


HI All , 


I still haven't settled this , i couldn't refresh data on Power BI Service , i open this Book file -> file -> Copy link clipboard-> Power BI desktop -> Web ->Remove ?=web and upload. 
Data can't refresh auto. even i choose oath2 in credential. 

sad Smiley Sad 


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Hi @Chanleakna123,


What you mean about "Data can't refresh auto"? Do you mean you aren't able to set schedule refresh or the source data will not updated after refresh? 


Based on my test, if in Excel get data from the other external data sources eg: SQL database, and load data to data model as mentioned here: After get data from this Excel then publish to Power BI service, we can set the dataset to use gateway and enable schedule refresh to retrieve data from SQL database directly. 


If the Excel workbook doens't load data to data model, then the Power BI will retrieve data from the SharePoint Excel data. Report will display updated data once the Excel is updated. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

hi @v-qiuyu-msft , where do i find my excel file to load data to data model ? 
I find between excel online and power BI query , haven't found the options to load to data model. 
Smiley Sad can you guide more ?