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Can't add apps

Hi PowerBI,


Yesterday i did not have the correct odata link/credentials to successfully load in the MYOB advanced APP. Today i do but now when i go to add any app i am not getting anywhere. When I click "Get it now" It comes up with the spinning loading circle then snaps back to my empty workspace. 


I have tried deleting Cache & Cookies, Using a different browser and doing it in incognito mode and nothing is helping. This is affecting all apps not just MYOB advanced.


I have not data sets to reset the credentials.


Any ideas?

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I found eventually that if i added the App from the search bar in my Workspace this worked when adding from the apps page still did not.


@Javigar ,

Do you still get this issue when adding MYOB advanced App in Power BI Service? I can add MyOB advanced App successfully . It seems that there is a temporary issue with Power BI Service yesterday.


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Not today. I think you are correct and this was a temporary issue yesterday.