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Can't Delete Unused Data Flow Sources

When creating a gateway, I accidentally entered an incorrect connection string (server, database) which failed to authenticate.

When I entered the corrected server/database (SQL Server), I was able to save the dataflow.

Now, in my data flow settings, I cannot get rid of the incorrect connecting strings, which are showing up in the gateway list.  Because they are invalid, I cannot connect to a valid gateway.

How can I get rid of data sources in my gateway that are no longer valid?  There isn't an option to do this in data flows are there is in Power BI desktop.

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Community Support

Hi @ryan0585 ,

Settings about dataflows are in Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop could only connect to the dataflows not change settings for it and gateways.


In Power BI Service, you can edit the current dataflow, choose a invalid data source table and right click to delete it.



If you want to change the current data source table, you can click the settings for the source and change the data source.



Please make sure the current dataflow is using the valid gateway under the same account.



Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li


Advocate I

Sorry, not really what I was getting at.

The issue I'm having is in creating a data flow in the Power BI service, nothing to do with Power BI desktop.

To simplify the issue I'm running into (because I'm now running into it again with a different data flow):

1. Create a data flow

2. Add a data source connected via ODBC

3. Save the data flow

4. Create another ODBC DSN to the same data source added in step 2 (you'd now have 2 DSN's configured to the same source)

5. Delete the original DSN (the one the data flow is currently connected to)

6. Go into your data flow and try to refresh the table connected to the old (now not existing) DSN (it should fail)

7. Connect the table to the new DSN created in step 4

8. Save the data flow & refresh

9. Go to the gateway settings for the data flow, notice the old DSN is still present and cannot be deleted

Advocate I

It looks like the datasets will still refresh, but all of the gateway details in the "Gateway connection" section of the data flow settings show as "Not configured correctly".

Helper II

Similar Issue here. Only all I have to do is attempt to create a connection that will fail like to a non existant file. That attempt will show up in lineage view and will cause the refresh to fail until the table calling for it is removed from the dataflow.