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Calculation Group Does Not Load in the Test Workspace of Deployment Pipeline

Hello Everyone,


I encountered an issue when I tied to refresh a dataset in the Test Workspace of the deployment pipeline.

  • The dataset shares the same metadata in both Dev and Test workspaces. Everything worked well in Dev workspace. 
  • Couldn't load the data for all visuals in Test workspace. Every time when I was trying to refresh, the following error popped up.



Activity ID: d52363ae-4dbc-4451-b9ea-1b17f18296a3
Request ID: 173651e8-6c8b-909a-8c0b-8981f581f089
Correlation ID: 5ab1db09-b376-0225-40aa-3f1663e5bb1c
Time: Wed Apr 28 2021 10:48:47 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.15940.55
Client version: 2104.3.05826-train
Cluster URI:



Can someone help me take a look at this issue?  Thank you in advance! 






Status: New
Community Support



Once the deployment is complete, refresh the dataset. For more information, see deploying content to an empty stage.