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Calculated Columns in Union Tables and Measures

I've got a table named "End table" which uses the function union to bring together 4 different tables. these tables and the union table are related to my dCalendar table as a means to filter by date. The 4 tables all have the same number of columns, but there is 1 column on each table that is a calculated column with the name "final time" classified as Decimal, and for each table the conditions to calculate the "final time" change. 
When I check the result in the column "final time" in my union table "End table", filtered by any month, the values are different from the column that originates the union table, when it should be the same thing (Eg. union table in March shows 200, original table in March shows 100). I don't know what's wrong, all the relations are revised and I've run out of options. Can anyone help me?

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@Kubo_01 ,


Could you please share some sample data and clarify more details about your requirement?



Jimmy Tao