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Calculate the distance between two zipcodes

Hi everyone!


I have been trying to figure out a way to calculate the distance between two locations in PowerBI when I only have adresses and ZIP Codes. 


The only approach I have come across here in the Forum to solve that is: 

1) Convert the ZIP into LAT and LONG;

2) Use the cosine formula for perimeter with the Earth radius to find the distance in a "straight line".


Problem is I do not have access to an open source (for Brazil) that could provide me with the LAT/LONG data against ZIP. 

PS: It seemed logical to me that PowerBI would be able to give me the LAT and LONG parameters since I have the location.


Does anyone know a way to calculate the distance only with the Zip Code or know an open source with LAT/LONG against ZIP for Brazil?


Thanks a lot.

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You may call API Find Location by Address in Query Editor.