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Caching of old version of custom visual

I am a custom visual developer. One issue that I found when I work on a newer version of custom visual is you can't properly import the "unpublished" version of the custom visual into Power BI Desktop (i.e. the work-in-progress version that hasn't been submitted to the Store) . There seems to be some caching mechanism behind the scene that caches the old version of the published custom visual.


Please see my explanations below.


When I try to import from file the version that I am currently working on, I proceed to Update the visual when prompted (and it imported successfully).


But when I check its version, it still shows that it is the version already published at AppSource, not the one that I am currently developing. So, that indicates to me that the visual isn't really updated on my computer even though the message claims otherwise.


Interestingly, if I try to import the new version of the custom visual on another computer, it imports the visual correctly. Using the visual locally on that computer, I can see that it is exhibiting the new behaviours expected of the new version of the visual. If I save the Power BI file and open exactly the same file on my original computer, however, it still shows that it is using the old version of the visual!! (I can ascertain that it is the old version because it doesn't have the behaviours of the new version.)


So, this leads me to believe that the custom visual is cached locally on my computer. May I know how can I clear the cache so that I can properly use the new version of the custom visual on my computer?


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Hi @kuehcj


Please clear data cache like below then test again. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft,


I have tried that but it doesn't make any difference. Do you know if there is anything else that I can try?


Thank you.