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Buttons in report view


Till some hrs back everything was working fine and suddenly I am facing a huge issue.

Buttons are not responding in report view, but they work perfectly before pulishing in Desktop App

Check   Buttons not working_screen recording  

Check  Buttons working in Desktop app screen recording 

Check  Bookmarks not working screen recording 

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Which region are you in? India team I am working with is also facing the same issue.

Helper IV





Helper IV

I really want to understand why is this happening.

If this is prevalent, I can not depend on Power BI for live BIs. I work for a MNC and trying to incorporate the software in their environment. I need to know so I can decide better.

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I am also facing same issue. If anyonne found resolution please share.

Helper V

We are also facing the same issue

New Member

I am also facing the same issue no link is working on report for page navigation.

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This is huge business disruption for my team and we are under tremendous pressure from our clients that suddenly all the actions related to Views are disabled.

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I'm from India facing the same issue. I hope the concerned team solves it at the earliest.

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Has been resolved for our India team.

Helper IV

I still need to understand what exactly happened