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Button in April 2018 update - In 'Selected' status, button font Scheme not displaying



In the 'Selected' status of the button, the font options set for selectes status is shown only as long as you the left mouse button is in the clicked state, the minute we leave the mouse button, the button status shows the hover/default status. In effect, the button does not display the 'selected' status font schemes.




Gopa KumarButton issue.jpg

Status: New

Hi @Gopa,


If we click the button, we select it. Can we say we still select the button if we have released the mouse? I think the answer is no. Because this is a button rather than a check box. What's your idea?


Best Regards,


Advocate II



I understand now from the comment of Amanda Cofsky in Power BI April 2018 feature summary Blog...


".....It's similar to what you'd see in many other buttons on websites and corresponds to the "active" state you'd see in CSS for buttons. Stateful buttons that are aware of the state of the report would be a new feature."


So, I think I need to close this from issues. There is already an idea posted by philip G. Shall vote for it.