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Button bookmarks not working on first report open


I’ve been creating reports in Desktop PBI where I add a blank button and assign a bookmark to it.
(The bookmarks are used to turn off/on certain things on the report page. )

I’m finding when I share a report using the service, the bookmarks don’t work for many people when the report is first opened. (When clicked, nothing happens.)
If they close the report and re-open, they work. This happens for computers and in the mobile app.
Interestingly the ‘reset to default’ button in the Microsoft interface is doing this as well.

Is this a bug in the PBI Service or is there something you can suggest to make the bookmark buttons work first go for all users?

Thank you
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Community Support Team



I can not reproduce the issue, try using the latest version of Power BI Desktop.

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@v-chuncz-msft  Thanks for your reply.  I am already using the latest version. 

I have escalated this to Microsoft support and have an engineer going to look into this for me.