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Button Icons Disappear When Compiled in iFrame

I would have thought this is virtually impossible, had I of not seen it with my own eyes. 


I recently changed from centering an icon on some navigational buttons using 'Fill' fields and went the 'Icon' route, as some serious scaling issues appeared in the last couple of weeks with the new release (i.e.,  add an image under the 'fill' section, "normal" image fit, still scaled and blown up like I used "fill" image fit; this also broke all onHover and other effects, too).


So I make the change to my buttons, supplanted the 'fill' icons with the icons using the, well, 'icon' fields and the world was good again...or so I thought.


Buttons look great in my local pbix file; they look great when viewing in PowerBi Servives dashboard; shared with collegues and the buttons looked great; however, the moment I published to the web and wrapped the dashboard in a Drupal iFrame, I lost the icons!!!!


All functionality is there...except no buttons.  Unexplainable and unsure how to address at my level.


I am going back to change a couple to use the (albeit now JUMBO) 'fill' method to center a 50px icon in the center of the button just to ensure they compile in the iFrame, but every single button icon is missing in the iFrame (though, again, looks perfect in the source PowerBI Services location)...impossible, I thought, given it's merely an iFrame.


Examples provided upon request. 🙂



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I thought maybe it's the "Custom" placement parameters not being applied, so tried changing the 'icon placement' to everything but (e.g., 'Above text', etc)...also thought, perhaps I need to set the same parameters for all states, not just the default state applied to icon to every state available (e.g., onHover, etc) dice.


No button icons whatsoever in iFrame, though perfect when viewed in PowerBi Services workspace....neither the app.powerbigov nor the public powerbi visited URLs compile the icons. assigned to my buttons.


I am at a lost (besides my lost icons).


Community Support


According to your issue description, I think it’s not an issue that is existing entirely in the Power BI, because the buttons look great in my local pbix file; they look great when viewing in the PowerBi Service dashboard. It only happens when you published to the web and wrapped the dashboard in a Drupal iFrame.

I think you can refer to the Issues for Iframe to create a new issue to get the suggestions from the experts:


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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I won't insult your intelligence, but this is not a Drupal issue...merely navigating to the link used in the iFrame and I lose the icons, before it's even wrapped in Drupal.


Drupal is also not responsible for the 'Fill' features that were fully functional to suddenly stop working that necessitated to jump to the button 'icon' route in hopes of fixing. I set "Image Fit" to normal and it's scaled like I have it set to "fill" or "fit". Moreover, all onHover settings are ignored until I remove the image from button fill settings.


I'll move on, but Drupal isn't responsible for that, either....fine until a week or two ago...will see if I can get the previous version and replicate the issue with the latest install...but Drupal didn't hose the button icons and cause the fill settings to be ignored, sir.



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Can close this one, sorry. I can't fully replicate it yet, sir.


The 'fill' route (adding the button image there instead of using the 'icon' settings) once again scales the button image up to a hidious size, even when set to 'normal' sizing, but at least it compiles everywhere with some image, even in an iFrame. S


I did post about it here with an image to show what caused me to jump from the 'fill' ship to use the 'icon' settings...can see the scaling issue there.


Thanks for the follow-up nonetheless, sir.  Until I can be certain it's PBI, I don't want to waste anyone else's time spinning their wheels on this one...but all was working fine a couple of weeks ago. 🙂




Edit: Strangely, I went to create a new very simple file with 2 custom buttons—1 button with an icon done with "fill" image settings and the other with "Icon" image settings, in an effort to dig into why one compiles (albeit JUMBO) and the other ("icon" image) doesn't when called in an iFrame....still with the hypothesis that this issue arose with the last update.


However, in my work environment, which is a month behind in PowerBI updates, selecting "Icon-> Icon-> Custom shape doesn't then provide an option to "+ image". Darn Drupal. 🙂


add image.png

Can close (or delete) this one, sir. 

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Same issue exists in a new test file I created:


1.) "Fill" settings, onHover, etc, all ignored with using "Fill" to place the icon (button on the left)

2.) Icons don't compile when using "Icon" settings (button on the right)


Now seeing the impact on PBI Services workspace, too:


On Desktop:



Published to Workspace (lost "Fill" settings on the left, given an image was used in "Fill):



iFrame (icon missing):



...3 environments and now 3 different compilations.  🙂


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Revisiting this every day...more details:


  • Change from 'Custom' icon to built-in icon (e.g., help symbol) and it compiles in iFrame and on Powerbi Services (albeit ignoring "normal" fit settings).
  • Change back to custom icon—gone.



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  • Changed 'icon placement' to left of text; desktop version perfect
  • Every other environment, however, the button text didn't even move to the right to make room for the icon
  • Almost like...wait for it...the custom icon that is 'custom' placed isn't compiling. 🙂


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  • Compiled from an app.powerbigov embed code generated in PowerBi Services—icons gone.
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Our live analytics product is producing this bug. 


Stock icons display however custom sizing seems to be ignored and/or distorted.


Custom icons don't display at all within buttons. This is severely impacting our customer's ability to navigate / overall user experience. 

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I think they're ignoring me now, sir, after kicking the can to Drupal...despite being able to replicate outside of Drupal.


Is there a place to elevate these issues to Microsoft? Don't "Pro" or government accounts have the ability to open support tickets and escalate?