Bug with slicer and Bookmark in Service

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by rmccormick Visitor on ‎01-11-2018 02:27 PM

In the Power BI Service, I have uploaded a project that utilized a bookmark to reset several slicers on a page.  This works smoothly in Desktop, but in the service, it does not function reliably.  Is there a workaround for this, or is this a known issue?  


Using the standard drop down slicer and no custom visuals.  



Status: Accepted
by Community Support Team
on ‎01-15-2018 06:21 PM

Hi @rmccormick,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 56895670 and CRI 56895193.


Best Regards,


by Vicky_Song Established Member
on ‎01-15-2018 06:23 PM
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by drickusa Frequent Visitor
on ‎01-16-2018 04:47 AM



I am experiencing the same issues. The bookmarks work in the Power BI Desktop report but in the Power BI Service is behaves erratically with some Bookmark items randomly not working.


Kind Regards, Drickus

by Ebrahim Visitor
on ‎01-17-2018 01:57 AM



I am experiencing the same issues. The bookmarks work in the Power BI Desktop report but in the Power BI Service it randomly returns incorrect info.


Regards, Ebrahim

by StephanieGiovan Frequent Visitor
on ‎01-23-2018 06:58 AM

I am experiencing the same issue with the bookmarks. Works great in desktop but not so smoothly in service.


Stephanie Giovannitti

by StephanieGiovan Frequent Visitor
‎01-23-2018 07:42 AM - edited ‎01-23-2018 07:45 AM

This problem is even worse with the January update. Now bookmarks that worked previously in desktop no longer work. Rather than clearing the filters, it remembers the last filter applied. However, it will clear some of the filters applied. For example, if I select the date and an item from a drop-down slicer, it clears the date but not the item from the drop-down slicer. Sometimes it goes the other way.


Stephanie G


by MarcoPolo Visitor
on ‎01-24-2018 05:00 PM

Still  doesn't work. That makes very dangerous to use bookmarks, especially when you want to erase all filters.....

PLEASE : SOLVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!

by TravisFullerton Visitor
on ‎01-25-2018 08:42 AM

Any update on this? We heavily rely on this feature to reset our multiple slicers!

by Community Support Team
on ‎01-26-2018 12:13 AM

Hi All,


This issue has been fixed in the version 2.54.4970.961 (January 2018) that is released in 19 Jan. Please download and try it out. If you still have issue, please try to recreate the bookmarks.


Best Regards,


by MarcoPolo Visitor
on ‎01-26-2018 12:21 AM

Hi Dale,


Sadly the same issues remain. I’ve recreated all the bookmarks and the behavior is still unpredictable... very annoying...

Thanks for your help !


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