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Bug in the new native hierarchical slicer

I have tried a 3 and 4 level hierarchy in the new native hierarchy slicer and using it with multiple item selection.   I'll start with all items selected, then going through to deselect items i dont want.


I've noticed if i only deselect items at level 4, it works fine.  As soon as i then make a deselect something at level 3, it no longer works properly and all items deselected then show up in all other visuals.  It seems to be happeneing when i do deselections at different levels of the hierarchy.  


See the video showing the error.  I confirmed it in multiple dashboards.


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Community Support

@jvirgi ,


I have made a test but couldn't reproduce this issue. When I deselect the 3rd level, rows related disappear in other visuals as expected like snapshot below. My power bi version is 2.81.5831.821 64-bit (May 2020). Could you more details and sample data?



Jimmy Tao

Helper II

@v-yuta-msft Hi Jimmy - I have the same version installed.


I see the issue specifically when making deselections at DIFFERENT levels of hierarchy (doesn't seem to be tied to having 4 levels).  If I only deselect at 1 level, it works totally fine.   


Additionally, it seems its may only happen when making deselections.  If i start from nothing selected and add items at different levels, it seems to work appropriately.


Here is another video with more detail:   Video showing more detail: 

Here is the PBIX i am using to show the error:   Hierarchical Slicer Issue PBIX 

Screenshot below shows actually when i had one item deselected at level 4, then i clicked on the select all to deselect everything, all items remain even though none are selected.


slicer issue.png