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Bug in Power BI Service: Matrix shows values even it should be emtpy with filter selection

I have recognized wrong filter behavior for matrix visual when filtering via filter pane in Power BI Service, while in Power BI Desktop it works fine without any error. 


1. Power BI Desktop: 

I select a month from dimension table, where there is no referrring data in fact table. Result: Matrix visual shows no value (as expected). 



2. Power BI Service: 

I filter the same month as I did in Power BI Desktop where I should have no value but the matrix visual keeps values of the previous filtered state, implying that there is data available for 2020.12 even though the matrix should be empty. 



The issue occurs on several browsers. 

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I tried the latest version to create a report and it seems to work fine for me. Try to clear cache and republish the report.

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Thanks for your reply. I am using the latest version of Power BI Desktop, have republished an cleared the cache. Unfortunately nothing has changend. 
The error occurs only in the matrix visual. When displaying the same data with a bar chart, the filter works properly (see screenshot):