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Bug in Matrix Horizontal scroll

I found there might be a bug in Matrix Visual.

When adding Items on columns, the position of the horizontal scroll doesn't change always properly with the filter.


For exemple, the countries on columns,


After adding the filter Asia, the first position column is China which is correct.


However, after removing the filter Asia, the first position column is still China but it should be Australia. The horizontal scroll followed the last change.



There is no such problem for vertical scoll, when Items on Rows.


Would you please have a look for the problem?


Thank you in advance for your help

Best regards




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Community Support

@liabcd ,


I have made a test on my side but couldn't reproduce your issue. When I remove the selections, the slicer return to the default. Make sure power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version. In addtion, my desktop version is 2.82.5858.1161 64-bit (June 2020) and service version is 13.0.13860.51.



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hello @v-yuta-msft 


Thank you for the reply.


My Power BI desktop version is the last version for Power BI Report Server of May 2020 : 2.81.5831.1181 64bit.


And sorry, that is a Matrix problem, not a slicer problem. When I remove the selections, the Matrix Horizontal scroll can't return to the default.


Best regards