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Bug: cannot use mouse in Safari browser to select text in power query

I cannot use the mouse in Safari browser to select text in power query. Keyboard works.


This problem doesn't occur in other browsers on macOS.


NB: I'm using the lastest version of macOS and Safari. Problem also occurs without content-blocking, extensions and or cross-site tracking protection.

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i don't have Mac on my side, could you please share some screenshots to explain it? that will be a great help.




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I don't think that screenshots help, as they won't show the problem. Not having access to a Mac doesn't help with solving the problem ....


You can reproduce it by doing this in Safari:


1) Open the "Advanced editor" (showing the M query).

2) Try to selected a part of the script with the mouse. You can't in Safari. It works in other browsers on macOS. Only not in Safari.


NB: I noticed the same problem when editing a text file (eg. a .HTML file) in the web interface of OneDrive.