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Bug: Silcer Headers on Desktop correctly OFF but after published, those headers Appeared

Every Silcer Header looks fine when it's on Desktop BI but after I published, those headers appeared on the report on both iPad app and BI web browser while the button of Silcer header is still OFF. Very Weird. looks like a bug? Thanks.

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I have the same issue with this so would be keen to hear the solution.



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We have also been experiencing this issue since Friday, 5/29/2020.

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Same issue on all reports 

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Our users reported this issue today.

What's interesting is that it is only affecting one of several slicers that are part of the report.




The SelectorText is part of the header of the slicer. And it is always showing even though the header of the visual is set to OFF

Things seem to be working fine on Power BI Desktop, but after publishing, the slicer header shows up.

I also tried editing the report directly on Power BI service, but no luck.


This seems to be a bug


Please assist


Thank you! 




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The same problem in my reports

Temporary solution:
re-creation on the web but I can't rework all reports on the web (only the most affected parts)

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I'm experiencing the same issue.

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Getting same issue.

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Same issue Australia 

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Same Issue