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Bug - Refresh disabled on Shared Datasets linked to Paginated Reports



I posted in the forum: Refresh Disabled due to inactivity  recently about what I believe is a bug that I've noticed with dataset refreshes being disabled.


Specifically, I have several paginated reports linked to datasets which refresh on a daily basis; these reports are not desgined to be 'seen' or interacted with by an end user, they simply run a subscription following refresh at certain times of the week/month and produce an output i.e. CSV.


I have received a few 'refresh disabled' notifications over time saying that these datasets are inactive, despite the refresh happening on a daily basis and the subscriptions running; when the refresh is disabled, this naturally has an impact on processes that use the data.


If a report is being used by a subscription, this should count as activity in the same way as a user clicking on it to prevent datasets being disabled unnecessarily.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @BM4291


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


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Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Helper III

Thanks @v-qiuyu-msft , I've raised a bug.