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Bug: Query Groups shattered, all Queries set to Enable Load

I've struck this bug 3 times now with the Sep 22 build, different machines, different PBIX files. When I open a PBIX file with Query Groups, the queries that were in groups have all been moved into the Other Queries group, and every query has been set to Enable Load. It's not happening 100% of the time, but 3 times in about a week is maybe 10-20% of the time.


I'm hoping the Sep 30 build fixes it, but as the silent builds are never even announced, let alone detailed with Release Notes (like any mature product would do), that could be just me clutching at straws.

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Hi, I'm not on the Power Bi team, and while I don't have the exact same problem, I found that opening the pbix/pbit file as a zip archive and deleting the "DataMashup" entry fixed the issue.

Power BI Team

We pushed a new October version yesterday that has a fix for this issue - you can find it in the Download Center or look for a new update if you are using the Microsoft Store. 


The issue was caused by some query metadata being dropped when generating the queries on open, then when you saved with unapplied changes this incorrect state would be captured in the DataMashup resulting in that state being used on the next open. Unfortunately, this means that any report saved with unapplied changes that is hitting this issue will need to either 1) click "Discard changes" to restore the queries from the data model (but also lose any pending changes you previously made), or 2) manually move the queries back to their original group and set "Enable load" as necessary, because the incorrect state was already captured. Any report that was saved without unapplied changes (meaning queries and data model are in-sync) should not see any incorrect behavior.  

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Great to hear, thanks @megank !

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Many thanks @megank !

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Awesome job @megank , and thanks for a bit of the background! 👍

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Thanks @megank - glad it got sorted.

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PLEASE PLEASE publish the fix list for your slipstreamed releases. I mean, seriously, CD/CI is great but you guys kill us with these silent updates. It forces us to We have to revalidate to make sure you didn't break anything because we can't tell if the fix is relevant to us or just addressing a problem with a datasource we don't use.