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Bug: Query Groups shattered, all Queries set to Enable Load

I've struck this bug 3 times now with the Sep 22 build, different machines, different PBIX files. When I open a PBIX file with Query Groups, the queries that were in groups have all been moved into the Other Queries group, and every query has been set to Enable Load. It's not happening 100% of the time, but 3 times in about a week is maybe 10-20% of the time.


I'm hoping the Sep 30 build fixes it, but as the silent builds are never even announced, let alone detailed with Release Notes (like any mature product would do), that could be just me clutching at straws.

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Just happened again, with the exact same scenario (Saved the file without applying query changes and closed). So annoying!!! 😠

Super User III

I had this happen as well, and I wish I had saved the PBIX I was working with, but didn't. It was fairly new and I started over.

This never happened until the new Enhanced Metadata format change where the DAX model can write back to Power Query.

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Same problem here, using Version: 2.85.681.0 64-bit (September 2020). All queries were removed from their proper folders and thrown on the "Other Queries" folder, and all queries were assigned "Enable Load". 


Workarounds mentioned in this thread helped, when I click "Discard Changes" in the yellow ribbon it did avoid the problem above, albeit I lost all my updates.


My gutfeel is also this might be related to the "Enhanced Metadata" changes introduced a few versions ago. 


@megank, any news on this? Thanks.

Power BI Team

We're still investigating this, but don't have a solid repro yet. If anyone has a pbix that can repro this consistently, then it would be very helpful if you could share it with me.


A consistent repro would look like:

    1. Open original.pbix and everything behaves as expected

    2. Make changes (or not) and save as new.pbix

    3. Open new.pbix and queries are ungrouped/enable load has changed

where you can repeat all of the steps (not just where reopening new.pbix repros the issue). 


Has anyone hit this when saving and reopening a file that does NOT have unapplied changes? Or does it seem like it's only happening when the file is saved with the queries and data model out of sync?

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@megankI have one such repro. I have not met this bug without cases of unapplied changes. You can contact me privately through the e-mail address available on my profile, so I can hand over the file.

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@megank I see similar issues with Version: 2.85.985.0 64-bit (September 2020).  It has probably happened 5 times this week, however I have not found a pattern yet except for something related to not applying changes and/or cancelling applying changes / refresh as mentioned above.  It is a pain with ~60 grouped queries and many having load disabled. 


Regarding if this has happened without applied changes... I believe this happen once immediatly after downloading and opening up a published PBIX (while trying to find a backup).  I do not believe I had made any changes at that time, however I could be mistaken.  I did not repeat after just trying this again, so please take this with a grain of salt.

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@AgTooOldForThis are you using the Combine function to get multiple files from one source? Hitting cancel in that process (I cannot recall which Cancel it is, but I think it is the final dialog box before Power Query actually starts generating its own groups with its custom function, sample query, etc.) will destroy all groups you've created, and even some existing queries. 

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@megank - I believe you do have a solid repro already. It has always been a valid use of Power BI Desktop to save a file with unapplied changes, then be able to open it and continue working.  

Power BI Team

Hi All,

We have a repro, and are investigating the issue. I'll update once I have an ETA for a fix.




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Same issue, discard works to fix the query order and enable load issue, but i also loose my work i think. 

I have been saving without applying changes alot, so i will try and avoid that for now.

I'm on the app store october version.