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Bug: Power BI still requires connection when all loads are disabled

My report has two sources: one that's supported as a native extract and one (Active Directory) which is not supported in the Power BI service. I've unchecked "Include in Report Refresh" for all tables coming from Active Directory - and I've confirmed this by checking against the "Query Dependencies" view. Still, Power BI Service thinkgs it needs access to both sources, which is preventing the other tables in the report from being refreshed at all.


What I expect:


After publishing to, I expect the report to require one set of credentials (for the first source but not for Active Directory), and I expect it would be refreshable from the Power BI service without requiring a gateway connection (since the source is supported by the power bi service).


What I'm seeing:


Despite disabling all Active Directory table refreshes (which should freeze the data as of the latest refresh), the Power BI service still requires Active Directory credentials, and the report still requires gateway to refresh. I am unable to deselect my personal gateway, presumably because Power BI thinks it still needs the Active Directory connection, and that connection is not supported natively by Power BI.


Proposed fix:


If zero tables in a model are refreshing, Power BI should not request credentials for that model, and likewise, Power BI should not hold the same Data Gateway requirements as it would if it were actually refreshing tables from the source.


Status: New
Community Support



You may try Copy Entire Table and Enter Data in Query Editor.