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Bug: Power BI Dashboard Print to PDF is blank

I have been printing Dashboards to PDF using Chrome for weeks and it worked great.   Last week, the dashboard started duplicating (same dashboard, 2 pages).  This week, the PDF is blank.   There may have been a Chrome update - might that have caused the issue?


I cannot print to PDF in IE either (but that never worked as well for me in the past)

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@DLor ,


I have made a test and I could reproduce this issue. The print feature in chrome can only work on report, not dashboard. I will report this issue internally and update here when I get any response.



Jimmy Tao

Helper I

Hi all,


I have had (and reported) the same issue (with the same "could not replicate this" response, almost word for word). It happens on dashboards and reports in BI Service (which is where all of our staff members access their reporting). The first key to indicating this is a problem is that you get 2 pages when you try to print something - dashboards are only supposed to print one page, as far as I know. We have reports that we print to PDF to email to external stakeholders (since apparently the subscribe as PDF is somewhere in the backlog and might be implemented one day, don't hold your breath).


Printing a dashboard (and it doesn't matter if it's print to PDF or print to a physical printer):

Dashboard Print Default.JPG

Changing the custom setting of the print size shows the whole report, but is pretty unprofessional looking and still prints as 2 pages:

Dashboard Print Custom.JPG

Clicking "Go to Report" and printing the report itself gives the same issue:

Report Print Default.JPGReport Print Custom.JPG

To be honest, it's pretty disappointing that I raised this issue a fortnight ago, our organisation is in the process of delivering millions in funding to people in need, and our reporting looks as poor as this when it comes to letting the stakeholders know that we're a professional outfit that can be trusted. I expect better from a Microsoft product, and anticipate you will have a satisfactory resolution in the very near future.

Helper I

@v-yuta-msft Do you have an update on this issue?


Thanks in eager anticipation,