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Bug: On-Premises Data Gateway Visible in Power Apps but not Power BI

I created an On-Premises Data Gateway (NOT Personal Gateway version) on our Server.  It is visible under gateways in the Power Apps area of Office 365 but not visible in the Manage Gateways page of Power BI.


This was working 2 months ago.  It stopped working when I installed the updated On-Premises Data Gateway a week ago.  I have tried the following with no success:


Uninstall OPDG and reinstall

Install on different server

Sign in with our organization Power BI Admin account

Sign in with my Office 365 Admin account


The gateway is healthy and working.  Diagnostics are clean.  It just doesn't show up in Power BI.

Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. Try getting a network trace using a tool like fiddler and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.