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Bug: October 1

Appears to be daylight savings issue according from details established on other peoples posts, listed at end. I am on Australian Eastern Server and my Time Zone is currently AEDT (Melbourne based). When Power BI receives 1st October 2017 it is changing it to 30th September 2017, this obviously is skewing results in Power BI.


I have tried converting it in many forms as a workaround such as directly from text etc yyyymmdd but on preview in desktop the queries window shows correct date, however once in either Power BI desktop or the date is appearing as 30 Sept 2017.


Other users encountering this on desktop (is now occuring on also), I can confirm that this bug has only recently made its way to

Also a bit weird that this link for support ( goes to create an idea when i click contact support. Yes I am a pro user so thats not the issue. Perhaps clear instructions for how to lodge a bug, especially when one so critical exists would be helpful.

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Community Support Team

Hi @bpeters,


It's hard to reproduce this issue. Please follow the guide below to file a support ticket here.

create ATicket


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Some of my clients (in Australia) have started reporting this issue also.  I've created a very simple repo - screen shot below and PBIX can be downloaded from link below that.  I'm running the latest version 2.57.5068.721.


Repo steps:


1. Set windows Region & language to Australia as shown below

2 Launch PBI Desktop

3. From the Home ribbon hit Enter Data

4. Replace Column1 with: Date from Text

5. In row 1, enter: 1 Oct 2017

6. Hit Edit

7. Duplicate Column: Date from Text, rename to: Date

8. Change the type of Date column to Date

9. Close and Apply

10. Select the Date column and set the Modeling / Format to the 1st entry: d/MM/yyyy

11. Create a Table visual and add the columns. 

12. In the Values well for the Table visual, right-click the Date column and change from: Date Hierarchy to: Date.

13. note the Date column incorrectly displays 30/09/2017 (as shown below).



1 Oct 2017 bug - shown as 30 Sep 2017 in Australia locale.PNG


1 Oct 2017 bug - shown as 30 Sep 2017 in Australia locale - Windows locale settings.PNG


Here's the repo PBIX:!AmLFDsG7h6JPgbM4gWaRWN1pB5pcag 


I cant fathom how this is possible if Power BI is developed using the .NET framework?  If this was a framework issue there would be hundreds of reports for many products by now.  It suggests the devs are ignoring .NET and rolling their own date-handling code...


Please urgently release a fix for this.


I can confirm it's also affecting the web app.


1 Oct 2017 bug - shown as 30 Sep 2017 in Australia locale - web app.PNG


Hi There,



Getting same error.

It is related to day light savings.

You create your date table and display your date in a table. 

You will find, one hour reduced on 1st of Oct 2018 and hence showing you 30th of Sep 2017 11PM instead of 1st of Oct 12AM,

similarly on 1st of April 2018, it adds one hour, and shows you 1st of April 1AM instead of 12 AM.

This would be repeated even if you load your own data.

Attaching snaps from date table example.

2018-04-27 09 55 27.png2018-04-27 09 56 35.png

Ps. Have checked the local settings, regional seetings on both PC & PBI Desktop.

Community Support Team

Hi All,


I have found the same issue internally. It could be raised through support tickets. The news is this issue will be fixed in the May 2018 release. For reference: CRI 63837266.


Best Regards,


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Thanks for the update. When will it be fixed in the service ( ?


 Confirming that I'm seeing this has been fixed in the May 2018 release of Power BI Desktop, and also appears to be fixed in the web service (




Thanks . Fixed for me.