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Bug / Limitation in Custom Tooltips when Cross-Highlighting?

Hi. I've tried to resolve this question by sharing with my great local user group, asking GIAC on their livestream, and posting here in the discussion board:


For some reason, fields in custom tooltips go *blank* when they're not what's been cross-highlighted by clicking in *another* visual. It doesn't happen to regular tooltips, and it doesn't happen to custom tooltips in the same visual that's been clicked. 


Here is my sample file:


I understand there are a number of Limitations and Considerations, but this does not seem to be among them. (Nor does it seem acceptable to put up a blank box.)


I hope this is merely an immaturity of the custom tooltip implementation that will be addressed in an update soon. I.e., is this a known bug, being tracked somewhere?




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Community Support

Hi @aseagull ,

Seems like it is by desgin in Power BI, not a bug.

In Power BI Desktop, you can consider default tooltip as a 'Data label' which would only show the current row data in the visual even if you filter data from other visuals, it would not show the blank value.


Different from page tooltip, it would only show the corresponding value in the visual when you filtering data, other data which are not be highlighted would show blank value.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Helper II

@v-yingjl , thank you for reading! I am sorry if I've misunderstood, but I still don't understand:


If highlighting part of the visual, means "other data which are not be highlighted would show blank value", why does that happen to some visuals' report tooltips but not others? Specifically, it doesn't impact report tooltips on the visual where you clicked to highlight the data element.


This doesn't get at the differentiated behavior, for default tooltips vs. custom report tooltips. Seems logical to make them behave consistently. I understand if it just takes a few more versions to get there.