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Bug: Incorrect Behaviour of CardBrowser visual when published on PowerBI Web

I've a PowerBI Report with 2 interacting Visuals: Image Grid & Card Browser.
Clicking on ImageGrid filters the Cards in CardBrowser. Clicking on a card opens its Reader section.
In PowerBI Desktop this works correctly, but publishing the Report to PowerBI web, then clicking on the card does not open the Reader of that card, but switches and opens the very first card of the CardBrowser.
Is supppose this is a bug!

Status: New
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The issue is reported internally : CRI 196941617.

Frequent Visitor

I am also facing this issue. Somehow Desktop manages to show the chosen card but Service does not and show very first card.

Community Support



Developers answered the following:

"It looks like we can update the API + fix these bugs.  I'll try to have the updated build by the end of next week"

We expect that new changes will reach production server at 14th September

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Hi Community Support, Do we have update on fix? Thanks!!