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Bug? Hidden Tables are visible


We have a live connection from Power BI reports to SSAS tabular model. Recently we hid several tables (dimensions) from client tools in SSAS, but these tables are still visible in the Power BI reports!

(In Excel however, they are not visible!)


In the past, we have done similar things and had no problem. In fact, some other tables hidden from client tools in SSAS are not visible in Power BI, with active relationships to other tables as well. 

Additionally, I cannot reproduce this error: When I import a new table and hide it, the table is hidden in PowerBI reports. 
(I also checked, it doesn't matter if the table is used in the report or in the filter pane or if the columns have been renamed/duplicated/etc.)

Any ideas?

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@chandos ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor

I have the same issue:

- live connection to SSAS Tabular (SQL 2019)

- I mark several tables as invisible in the model (using Tabular editor)

- hidden tables are hidden in other frontends (Excel, SSMS Browser, any other frontend), but some of these hidden tables are not hidden in Power BI. 


This happens if these tables contain unhidden measures.



The issue is related to existing measures in these tables. This can be seen in Excel:

The Tables are marked as hidden, but the Measures are not marked as hidden. Measures are shown in the measures section, tables are hidden.


In Power BI the whole table is unhidden, if any not-hidden measure exists. Therefore all columns are also visible.


Solution could be:

- if a table is hidden, then also all measures in these tables should be hidden.

- if a table is hidden but contains unhidden measures, then only these measures should be shown, but all other columns should be hidden.