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Bug? Drill down not maintaining Cross-filtered values

I noticed an issue with the drill down feature in the Power BI Service. It is not applying existing filters (in cross-filtering in charts) when drilling down.  I have tested this in different workspaces, with different reports and datasets, and the issue is consistent. 


I found the same issue was posted back in 2016 and it seemed to have been a systemic issue. Here's the related post:

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Hi @yyr6 ,

Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test.

As the simliar issue mentioned, the filter and drill down works fine in Power BI Service:



Perhaps you can try to use different browsers or test in other times to check it again.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li



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Hi @v-yingjl , 


It was reproduced by a Microsoft Engineer yesterday. It is being escalated and is occuring systemically in Gov, Commercial, and Internal Power BI Services. 


The specific thing I did was cross filter on one visual, added another cross filter from another visual (CTRL + a variable), and then tried to drill down on one of those cross-filtered variables. When doing so, Power BI Service ignores the multi-variable filters and only drills down on the one selected variable for drill down. This behavior is not occuring in Power BI Desktop. Desktop is drilling down on the multi-variable selection as it should. 

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@yyr6 Is there any update on this?  This bug has been completely throwing off my users for weeks now.  

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@Nexter - I have a ticket with the Microsoft Engineers and it has been escalated multiple times. They've honestly made it seem like it wasn't that big of priority since I was the only one who reported it, even though it is systemic occuring across Gov, Commercial, and Internal platforms! Maybe you could report it as well and they will hurry up? Currenlty, they are hoping for a fix by 9/7. Over three weeks seems way too long for a systemic issue. 

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@yyr6 Just opened up a ticket last night.  That's insane that it doesn't seem like they're treating it as a priority.  This is such a breakdown of the most basic yet fundamental feature of PBI.  Thanks for stepping up though and getting the ball rolling, hopefully everything is done by 9/7!