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Bug: Date slicer allows picking of out of range date

When creating a date slicer, the input boxes allow the user to pick any date regardless if it is in the range or not.



Create a calendar tabel with Calendar = CALENDAR (DATE(2015, 1, 1), DATE(2018, 12, 31))

Create a slicer visualization with the calendar as its field
 The slider portion of the visualization (if turned on) only shows the appropraite range.  However, the sclier input boxes allow any date to be selected anyway.  If a date outside the range is selected the slider enlarges as well.  I believe this is a bug/oversight in the design of the visual.
Possible solutions:
1) Prevent the popup calendars from showing dates outside the range
2) Default to the minimum date if a date before then is selected.  Default to the maximum date if a date above it is selected.
Status: Delivered


I got response from PG that that issue is by design in Power BI Desktop. When the slicer is created, it uses the date range of the data. You can then explicitly change the min or max. This is allowed so that user can set a custom window if he/she knows the range of dates in data can change.

If you have concern about this issue, you can submit a feature request in Power BI ideas forum.


Status changed to: Delivered
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