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Bug: Dashboard Text Box Drops Text on Edit

Thanks DMMorogiannis for the heads up - issue seems resolved on my end as well. 🙂




When editing a Dashboard Text box, all previous text in the box is dropped from the edit view:

Seems to occur on new or existing dashboards.


This is a major headache for minor edits. I can't copy / paste previous text either so it means re-typing any text blocks from scratch until this is fixed.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Confirmed , we are experiencing the same issue in our environment

Regular Visitor

Same here...  Massively broken, come on fix it @microsoft. 

Frequent Visitor

we have the same problem, we cannot edit any text in dashboard and if we try it overwrites previous




Frequent Visitor

Yep, seeing the same thing here, all existing text and formatting disappears.

Frequent Visitor

We are experiencing the same issue. 

Regular Visitor

Same issue here. Has Microsoft announced a fix ?  

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There is still no acceptance of the bug by microsoft.  👿


Come on Microsoft - this is major issue for users reliant on dashboards.

New Member

We are having the same issue, and the timing of this new bug is not great as we have to update a lot of content. .
How do we get traction on this issue?
Please help.


Regular Visitor

I have the same issue! Wrrr

Frequent Visitor

I"m having the same problem and it's been frustrating having to recreate tiles every time I want to make a change.