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[Bug] App tiles are not working

There is a bug with App tiles, App cannot be accessed. After refresh it works again, but this is not desired state.

Apps tiles are not working 

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Frequent Visitor

I'm getting calls from users asking why nothing happens when they click on an App tile.  After the web page is refreshed it works.  I'm having the same issue.  This is a pain.

Advocate I

@appsac yes, really frustrating and also not having option to create proper support ticket makes this like really hard to get solved. 

Frequent Visitor

That's really a big issue ! Users think the sercice in ko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Member

I confirm, I have the same issue, nothing happens when I click on an App tile, but it works correctly on the Desktop version.

Resolver III

I can confirm as well. Any update from MS?

Power Participant

+1 from me. Presumably some backend change was just rolled out without thorough testing.


My workaround is to send users the app link ... again ...

Advocate I

Same here from Norway aswell.

Advocate II

Same happening here in NJ!!!! Very frustrating! We have been experiencing this for a few weeks and thought it would correct itself but it hasn't.  We just logged a ticket with Microsoft.


A quicker way to get it to work is click on Ctrl F5 (together).  Then click on app and is should launch.  

Advocate II

same issue here.  We've been observing this for about a month.

Advocate II

Same issue across our business. Began happening widespread in the last week.

We use Google Chrome as our browser of choice for Power BI, I have not seen this happen in Internet Explorer (but that doesn't mean it's not happening in IE)