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[Bug] App tiles are not working

There is a bug with App tiles, App cannot be accessed. After refresh it works again, but this is not desired state.

Apps tiles are not working 

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This issue is still persisting in IE, Edge and Chrome.


Seems to be occurring every time I leave a workspace and go to Apps that this occurs.

It also occurs if I go from a Workspace to Recent to Apps, and from a Workspace to Favorites to Apps.


However if you open a report when in Recent of Favorite then go to Apps and click on an App tile, it will work.


You can however, go from a Workspace to Recent or Favorites and open an App tile from there with no issue.

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@AlanFindlay Same is still happening for us. Until they resolve this we are just pressing Ctrl F5 to clear cache and telling our users the same. A little frustrating once again that this is happening.  We have a ticket open but they barely follow up with us.

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Many of my users have noticed this as well, I'm glad that is has been reported, please resolve.  

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This issue is also mentioned in this entry - Issues-with-Power-BI-Service-reports-and-apps-are-not-loading 






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I can't even get to the apps on Chrome, but for some reason IE works fine. I'm not surprised, but I just noticed that "fixed" the issue for me today. 

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And another entry on the same issue - Clicking-an-Power-BI-app-in-service-doesn-t-open-the-app 


Interestingly, with only 3 votes, a moderator has already picked up on this issue and started asking questions which are already answered in this thread.

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Yes Yes Yes-I have observerd this problem with multiple customers now. Since Apps are the primary way they are sharing content with less-savvy end users, this is a BIG DEAL. It gives the perception that the product "does not work", which can be death to adoption rates in a corportate environment.


I have observed this in Chrome, but that is because that's what I use. Also, this is what my corporate customers are using and most don't have the choice to just switch browsers.

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Same issue in my company. Its a big issue and it is very annoying to refresh it every time I would like to open app.

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Good news

I have received an update from Microsoft this morning regarding the ticket I raised informing me a fix had been put in place. I checked it out and can confirm the issue is now resolved.