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Browser refresh needed (CTRL+F5) to show a custom visual (Dynamic KPI Card by Sereviso) in my APPS

From today I realized that my reports published in the APP do not display a Custom Visual (DINAMIC KPI by Sereviso) which is displayed with the browser refresh (CTRL + F5). Everything works perfectly if I view the report instead of the same with the APP.



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Currently this issue about custom visual display seems to be fixed. Now it works fine in my side.Please check it again in Power BI Service.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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It seems we have the exact same issue with all custom visuals. Could some one investigate the reason behind this asap? It is crucial for us to get the visuals working again.

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The same issue is happening with us for all custom visuals. It works fine in the workspace but the issue is in App.

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We have experienced this issue with timeline slicer visuals throughout our reporting. All visulas work fine from the workspace, it only occurs in the App.

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Major Issue here. Custom slicers just aren't working (most of the time). Using visuals from OKVis. 

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Status changed to: Investigating

Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test. When I publish an app in Power BI Service, all of the custom visuals work fine in the app.


Consider whether providing the detailed steps to reproduce this issue better for further.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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@v-yingjl I am facing this issue when loading other reports that have these visuals and filters, they will load fine on inital load, but if you try to navigate to another report within the workspace they will not load. 

See this post for others with the same

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Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for the information. Could reproduce it in my side and have submited internal to confirm(ICM: 273897701).


Would update here as soon as possible if there is any progress about this issue.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Hi @v-yingjl 


I have the same problem with chiclet slicers, they are visible in the Power Bi service, but not in the apps. To make them visible in the app you have to press Ctrl+F5, then they appear, but if you go to another raport and back again,they are again missing.


John Harald

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Also affected other visuals...

We observed problems with these one:
Name: Card with States by OKVIZ
Publisher: OKVIZ corp.

Name: Advance Card
Publisher: Bhavesh Jadav

The problem affects also Power BI App on IPad/IPhone. We need urgent a solution.

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There is exact the same effect with HierarchySlicer (DataScenarios).
I would like to ask for a really fast solution.