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Boundaries for line visual need to be improved

The line chart needs to adjust better within the imposed boundaries of the visual. As can be seen in the example below when a line runs near the bottom or top of the boundaries it truncates the data points. Also there is inconsistency with the placement of the values of the data points as seen by the "13" on the blue line for Jun 2018 and the "12" on the green line for Jan 2019. The "13" is in danger of being interpreted as the value for the green line in Jun 2018 due to the green lines value being truncated because of the boundary and why is the 12 placed below the line when there is more room above the line and isn't matching with the data point before or after it?


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Same holds through for the boundaries on Scatter Plots.  points in the upper, lower, left or right areas of the chart are truncated with auto axis.  the axis needs to adjust accordingly based off the marker size for a better viewing experience!