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Bottom rows in Matrix visual not displaying correctly, in a paginated report

I'm migrating few on-premises SSRS report to Power BI service as paginated reports.

There's an issue that I noticed, wherein some of the reports having Matrix visual are not showing up bottom most correctly, when published to on Power BI service/workspace.

Here are few notes on this issue:-

  • This is to do with the size of the visual, for example if we reduce the dataset size of the matrix visual by restricting prompt values, the issue does not happen.
  • The same visuals (matrix) work fine in on-premises report server.
  • There are no changes done to the matrix visual as part of the migration.
  • Tried in on Chrome and IE/Edge browsers. This issue persists on these browsers.

Few workarounds I found out:-

  • Use the report export to excel functionality to export the report to excel, whenever this issue occurs.
  • Use the page view for the report in Power BI report. In page view, the visual works fine.

These findings indicate this to be a platform issue (perhaps related to rendering) on Power BI service. 

Attaching a screenshot for reference.

Is this a known issue/bug in Power BI service.

Would appreciate any pointers here.



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I tried the latest version to build a report and it seems to be working fine.

Helper I

Thanks for the response @v-chuncz-msft  ! This was actually already a built up report (perhaps with some older version on SSDT/Visual Studio) running on on-premises SSRS server. I essentially reworked this a bit (mostly data source changes using SSDT/Visual Studio) and then deployed it to Power BI service (PBI workspace).

I get your point, will try to build it from scratch using latest version of Report Builder and see if this helps.

Thanks for the pointer.