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Bookmarks display wrong filters when navigating between Reports

When loading up a Report with bookmarks set, the Starting page at first displays values as expected, but breaks if the user clicks on a different Report on the workspace and then navigates back to the Report with bookmarks later on.


Steps (see pictures at end for more details):

  1. Publish a Report with multiple bookmarks set that change both visual and functional (filters) on a page.
    1a. Make sure there is a 'starting' bookmark selected that the Report should default to when first selecting the published Report on the workspace.
  2. Click on one of the other bookmarks on the publishedReport. Confirm there was a visual change as well as that the displayed values changed based on the newly-selected bookmark's filters.
  3. Click on any other Report published on the same workspace (does not matter what)
  4. Click back to the Report with bookmarks



When returning, the default visual state is that of the default bookmark, but the returning functional state is that of the last-selected bookmark prior to navigating away at Step 3. This causes the page to visually indicate that a metric means one thing while functionally displaying a different metric than intended.




PowerBI Bug_Setup.png



PowerBI Bug.png


This is a major problem for people using workspaces with multiple Reports published as it means the audience is often being presented the wrong metric for the configured title text and imagery without them realizing it.


I have reproduced this with a bare minimum Test .pbix file and have found this is occurring 100% of the time.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @CHohnbaum,


When you click on the Button 3, is there a Rest to default button? 




If it is, please open the report in Power BI desktop, select the option below then republish to Power BI service: 






Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 





That worked, thank you! It's unfortunate that I have to remove the ability to save filters from the entire Report as I have other pages where filters are plentiful and are not bookmark driven, but I'm glad to know there's a work around!