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Bookmark navigator not resetting when 'reset' bookmark used

If you create a "reset" bookmark in your dashboard, you'd expect the Bookmark navigator to go back to whichever was selected when the "reset" bookmark was set. Unfortunately, the selected bookmark in the bookmark navigator is not changed even though the visuals can be changed. In those cases, the wrong visuals are visible relative to the bookmark navigator.  

Status: Investigating

Hi @npnigro ,


Sorry per our forum poliy, I changed this status after we got a response from the PG team.
If you would like to reopen this Post and continue the discussion with others, I have re-modified its status to investigating.
In the past it was mentioned in the icm about the bookmark navigator, but we only got replies like the one above.I will continue to follow this issue for you, and if there are any updates, I will also reply here.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn


Helper I



I am facing exactly the same issue here.

Has there been any development on the topic?


Helper I

Hi there


I too am experiencing the same problem.


Whilst there is a workaround using individual buttons, it makes the model clunky and requires loads of bookmarks to make it work.


To me this is an bug in a useful feature.


Please can you advise what the current status is and whether there is any sense of prioritisation on this .... alternatively can you advise when the bug would be fixed?




New Member

Hello everybody,

I'm also facing this issue and would really be grateful to get an update on this matter.