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Bookmark does not remember Personalized Slicers

Original Behavior:

On changing the field in a published slicer, bookmark does not remember the selected value.


Repro Steps:

  1. Publish a report with a slicer having a field, TestField1.
  2. Enable Personalization.
  3. Load the report in service.
  4. Personalize the TestField1 slicer by removing the field and adding a new field, TestField2.
  5. Select a value, Value1, in slicer for TestField2 to filter the report.
  6. Save it as bookmark.
  7. Reset to default.
  8. Reload the bookmark.
  9. You will see that the value selected under the TestField2 is deselected .


Expected Behavior:

In the Step 9 mentioned above, the selected of Value 1 must have been retained by the bookmark.


Things to Note:

  1. The bookmark remembers the value if we do not change the original field i.e. TestField1.
  2. If we deploy the report with another visual, say Table/Grid, and change it to Slicer using Personalization, then the bookmark remembers the selected value .
Status: New
Community Support



The issue is reported internally : CRI 206463301.

Community Support



We’ve identified the issue and the fix has an ETA of around 10/22/2020.