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Blinking Power BI logo when clicking on a Shared Link

I am trying to access data that was shared with me from outside of my company, but all I see is a blinking Power BI logo that doesn't go away.  I started the free trial for Power BI Pro and it did not fix the issue.  I've tried logging out, and the user sent me another link, but still nothing.

Status: Accepted
Community Support

Hi @jenna212,


The issue already reported internally: CRI 39028265. It's a bug and PG are working on the fix.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Status changed to: Accepted
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Hi v-qiuyu,

Do you have news about this issue as my clients can't see there dashboard...


Community Support

Hi all,


The fix already patched production. Please test again in your environment to see if the issue is gone.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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This issue is still persisting itself. Please advise. 

New Member

I have the same problem! Any fixes? Happens in both my browsers.

Community Support

@igordossantos@nopaa1 Please run Fiddler with Decrypt HTTPS traffic enabled, then repeat the steps to reproduce the issue. Share the .saz file with us. I will help you create a new ICM.




Best Regards,

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I can share saz file. I am having the same issue to. How do I share it?

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Any updates on this issue?

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I am also having the same issues. My report is being shared via an embedded sharepoint code on a sharepoint site. One manager is stating the report never loads. What is the update?