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BigQuery Based Datasets No Longer Refreshing

Hi guys,

we are using Premium service and since last week (from 2021-02-26 to be more accurate), my BQ based dataset stopped refreshing in the service.


I see 2 errors.




The project IDs mentioned in the screenshot above are not really the ones from where the data is supposed to be pulled. My project IDs have nice user friednly names. I don't know where "" is coming from all of the sudden.

The second issue I am having is this:


The thing which I don't understand here is the fact it's mentioning Simba ODBC. I am not using ODBC in my dataset. I am using the default "Google BigQuery" connector which is available in Power BI for Desktop. 


Any ideas how to get around this? 


Seems like BigQuery connectors are quite unreliable. Major issues happening every 2 months or so. 




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With regards to the second issue. I was able to isolate the moment of failure. 


When I download inside 1 dataset:

1 BigQuery table

A csv from public URL

Data from internal SQL Analysis Services

... and do nothing with these (=no transformations), then I am able to publish to service and even refresh the dataset in the service.


However, when I append all the 3 sources into one table in the PQ editor and then publish to service, then it start throwing the error on the gray background.

Community Support


As the error mentions, please contact your admin that if you have bigquery.tables.list permission foer the project in Google BigQuery. There is more information about permission control in this article:

also refer to this post:



there is an issue for BigQuery connector and and it is fixed in

please navigate to this folder on their Power BI Desktop machine:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin\ODBC Drivers\Simba Google BigQuery ODBC Driver

Right-click on the file GoogleBigQueryODBC_sb64.dll, and choose properties.

Switch to the Details tab, and see what the File version is.

If it's - it has the fix.




Helper III

Regarding permissions - I am Google Cloud project owner and BQ admin. It cannot get any "better" for me. 


Regarding Simba - I'm actually running which sounds like an even newer version compared to what you are mentionning?



I reinstalled whole Power BI and I'm still getting



Btw, I still don't see how bad Simba ODBC could have an impact on the refreshes in the services (failing) while the dataset on desktop would refresh OK.





Helper III