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BigInt strange behaviour visuals


I'm experiencing the following issue:


I've got a table with a bigint (eg. 18014398509485096) as the primary key. This is ID is then used throughout the model and seems to work fine. I can see that everything is fine in the query editor and data view. However, when viewing the id's in the table matrix, the ID's seem to jump up and down, for instance 18014398509485096 is shown as 18014398509485095, etc, etc. This is also true when using drillthrough filters, so when selecting a drill through on ID 18014398509485096, the filter value shows 18014398509485095 but the correct object is shown.... Data exports are also severely mangled, showing the wrong ID's...


IMO this requires immediate attention for obvious reasons.



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Hi @mpadros,


I can reproduce this issue, and already report it internally: CRI 50691611. Will update here once get any feedback. 



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Thank you!

Hi @mpadros,


I got below response from PG team: 


By-Design. Number is beyond PowerBI limitations.

This is a limitation for PowerBI in general due to JavaScript limitations.
The maximum number that can be "safely" handled is 9007199254740991 (2^53 - 1)


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu