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Bar Charts are not refreshing on dashboard

We have a Dashboard consisting of 4 pinned cards and 2 pinned Bar Charts. We are pushing data updates through a console application that uses API connections every 1 minute. When the update occurs, we see all visuals temporarily go blank (we are deleting and replacing the entire dataset, as appending will not account for existing rows being edited. We also have logic to show a text string in the cards if the aggregation would be blank). After a few second, the 4 card visuals update to the latest values, however the Bar Charts stay blank. We've tried all the different Bar Chart visuals, and each one remains blank after a data push. Column Charts do not seem to be affected by this issue, and act the same as the cards. 
The Bar Charts have a few filters specific to each chart, to show only one value of a few categorical fields we use. Removing all filters from the chart visuals did not solve the issue. 


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Adding screenshots of process. Black boxes to censor confidential information. expected.pngduringupdate.pngafter.png


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You may simply refresh the web page.

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I have a similar issue in that the data behind a bar chart on my dashboard is being refreshed (DirectQuery), however the visual is not displaying the updated view.


If I refresh the webpage it does refresh the visual, however we have a screen displaying the dashboard to the whole office, by not refreshing the visuals in this way makes it useless. The idea is that these visuals update during the day without the need for a refresh.

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A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 255366066

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Is there an update on this issue? We are still experiencing this issue!

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We’ve identified the issue and the fix has an ETA about one week.