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Bar Chart Date X-Axis Date including Time in Labels

I have a clustered column chart with a date filed as the x-axis. If the number of days filters down past a certain cutro-off the control starts showing 12AM and 12PM with teh date. This should not happen as there is no time conpoentn to the x-axis values. And labels no longer line up with the bars. Looks bad, please fix.2018-04-09_10-11-55.pngIncorrect x-axis labeling for a date value

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I cannot seem to replicate this fault. However, I am curious how your date value is initialized? What does the core data day?


Hi @mcolb88,


Would you please share a pbix file with dummy data so we can try to reproduce it? 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Attached is a very straight forward example of this issue. I striped the report down to a simple calculated date table and a call log. If you filter the date to include 10 days for example, the chart looks correct with expected date labels in the x-axis.




However, if you filter down to 5 days, you will see the time appended to the x-axis date label.




Even after changing the format of the date column to use m/d/yyyy, it still shows the times of 12 AM and 12 PM.