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BUG: missing conditional formatting in Data Colors



There are missing conditional formatting controls in Data Colors and in Value section.

Trayed on bar, stacked, line, area charts, treemap.

No dots Visual => Format => Data colors

No no conditional formatting  menu in Visual  => Fields => Values




My version: Version: 2.86.902.0 64-bit (2020 October)


P.S. sorry, if I missed something, I just learning 😉 and please guide me.


Dainius B.

Status: New
New Member



My fault. 

In case if legend/series consist of one - mentioned controls are not displayed.

And if there are many values in series/legend - then everything is available.

In anyway - has tested issue/idea forum 😉





Community Support



Glad to hear that. If you have any other question about data shaping, modeling, and report building in the Power BI Desktop app, feel free to post a new message in Desktop forum.