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BUG in Line and Stacked Column charts when connecting to live SSAS DB

Hi Guys
There seems to be some sort of bug in Power Bi that has been around for ages. For Line and Stacked column charts it seems to ignore the formatting options when using a live connection to a SSAS tabular model . So a measure formatted in the TM as a percentage comes through as a decimal in these charts . I know this is a bug in Power Bi because if you switch in any other visual it doesn't do this. Also the table view of the Line and Stacked column chart shows it properly formatted as a percentage - just not on the chart itself. Any idea what happening or when this will be fixed ?
Thanks Ronan
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@rdodworth ,


I have made a test. The data format is same with than in cluster and line visual. Please check if power bi has been updated to the latest version. If this error still persists, could you please share some snapshots?(Please do mask the sensitive data in the snapshot)



Jimmy Tao

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yes error still persists 

can i email you the screenshots 

getting an error trying to upload screenshots here

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Any thoughts on the screenshots i attached to demonstrate this bug ? Regards Ronan

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