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BUG - Timeline Slicer - "Show Data" isn't reflecting the selected date item(s)

Clicking on the "Show Data" option displays all of the available data for the timeline slicer range not the data for the selected date range.

For example, if the slicer range is showing data for 2012 and I select from this range Q2 for instance then right click and choose "Show Data" the data shown is for all dates in 2012 not just those for Q2.
This is totally misleading/incorrect and needs to be fixed ASAP.

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That doesn't filter data but highlight for itself. Click on a table visual to view the effect.


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That's a bit misleading coz selecting a date from the timeline slicer does filter other visuals so it should reflect the same on itself.
Take "Hierarchal Filter - xViz" for example, selecting one or more items then doing "Show Data" shows only the selected values which makes sense.